Our base a-la-cart rate is $50 hourly

We will also build custom packages that meet your needs and won’t break your pocket book

We strive to make your experience a positive one and can build a package that makes sense for you or simply work as needed and charge accordingly.



Getting started:

Not sure what you need, no problem…Below are some examples of possible packages:

All packages include…

  • 1 hour of one on one requirements gathering. We will meet with you and your team to discuss your needs and choose the best options for your business
  • Website development, demonstration and implementation (depending on web hosting restrictions)
  • Open communication to ensure your satisfaction
  • 1 week of free web site administration
  • Website plug-in / feature (such as Calendar, photo gallery, webpage traffic reports, Facebook Integration, and many more)

Next Steps:

Your website has been launched and your business is booming, now what?

We offer maintenance packages that will allow you to focus on your business while we focus on your website.

Need your photo album updated, Calendar of events modified, web page content changed? The following options are available:


Pay as you go updates:

  • based on hourly rate of $50 – minimum 30 min charge

We will personally meet with you and determine what your requirements are and create the best option to satisfy your needs.


**For all maintenance we require 48 hours to apply your updates (from confirmation of request received)